Life as an Esthetician

Hey everybody, I just thought I would take a quick moment to report so this is the somewhat life of an esthetician who is built and busy and a lot of you out there might be thinking, I want to be really busy, I want lots clients, I have been at work since… I probably started at about nine and started my first client at ten then was built back to back then a small lunch, that’s what I am doing but when you are an esthetician, you have to work, you don’t get paid for vacation time or sick time.


I finally got home after my last client, I was probably done by seven and I usually see people either on the spa that are on the half an hour and so it was really a blessed day, everyone was happy and I am really blessed to have clients that do come back and refer but right now, I am super tired and I am spending this time right now with my baby.
This is some of the quality time, these are some of the sacrifices as a working mom, as a single mom you make to build your business and your clientele and so in my upcoming videos, I will be discussing different streams of income that can also you as an esthetician, can I finish my video, alright. I just feel like being an esthetician is so liberating, helping people, making them feel better about their skin, getting to know people, I have got clients that come to me, that amazes me still like I am seeing physician, doctors, they would just be my doctor but they come to me for my services because I can provide something for them that they can’t do themselves so that makes me feel really happy and good about myself and good about the career that I chose.

This year, in June of two thousand and fourteen, June the first will be ten years since I received my license and that was like the happiest day of my life, outside of having my daughter and other accomplishments, that was something that was really important to me, to finish that and to be in this thriving industry, it means so much to me and so if there are any of you out there that are thinking about becoming an esthetician or want tips or want a mentor or someone, I will be your cyber mentor, I have really done pretty much everything and I am still in it to win it and I still believe that there are enough clients to go around, I am super tired, this is me into the night, after ten, about to put my baby down but she stayed up for mommy.

But other than that I hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving and a beautiful day and if I can share any other tips to you all out there please just rate, comment and subscribe, leave me a comment and let me know what you are interested in, questions, I am happy to reveal anything that will help you succeed.

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